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Mobile phone and Portable devices

In order to meet the requirements of DRM-X on mobile equipment for the enterprises. Haihaisoft provides the customization and technical support service of Xvast browser, HUPlayer and PDF Reader for Mobile and Embedded Devices.


Haihaisoft DRM-X Core Technologies advantages:

  • The highest industry security standards and strong data packets encryption.
  • Support multiple Audio (MP3, WAV), Video (MP4, WebM), ePub and PDF formats.
  • Support protect whole website and resources, includes HTML, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Images (jpg,png,gif).
  • Multiple rights control, dynamic watermark and authentication combined with hardware.
  • Cross Platform: Support Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Cross Device: Support iPhone/iPad and Google Android.
  • Stable and effective Xvast browser HUPlayer and Haihaisoft PDF Reader.

To help enterprises solve the technical challenges of mobile platform, Haihaisoft provides device manufacturers, content providers and operators with mobile detailing solutions.


Mobile Solutions for Device Manufacturers

With the quick development and wide use of network technology especially the development of Mobile Communications Industry, Mobile and Embedded Devices are able to widely support multimedia and PDF files.

Haihaisoft is able to customize and develop for Xvast browser, HUPlayer and PDF Reader on multiple platforms, for example, iPhone, Google Android, Embedded Linux and IPTV set top box.


Mobile solutions for Content Providers

DRM-X which is developed independently by Haihaisoft, it provides content providers with more opportunities to reach more customers especially smartphone users. It also provides smartphone users with a more convenient way to get licensed content. Meanwhile, it creates more business value for content providers.


Mobile solutions for Operators

Applying DRM-X technology for mobile devices, Operators are able to provide customers with a wide variety of content services.

Through Haihaisoft Mobile Solutions, Operators could realize business benefits as follows:


Major advantages:

  • Provide end user with various value-added services.
  • Deliver high-quality user experience consistently across varying mobile devices
  • Generate sales revenue.
  • Increase communication traffic and business revenue.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and attract new subscribers.


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